At our classes (Tuesdays 6-7pm, Peace House) you can learn practices taught by the Buddha for developing calm, clarity and strength of heart: Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana



Mindfulness of Breathing - from distracted thinking into present awareness

In this practice we use the breath as an anchor for our awareness, deepening our moment-to-moment presence of mind.

As we become more absorbed in the direct experience of the breath we become better able to see thought processes as they arise and pass away and learn to free ourselves from habitual patterns of stress, anxiety and distraction. 

The quality of mindfulness is satisfying and relaxing in itself but it is also essential if we want to act effectively in our lives. 


Metta Bhavana - developing deep positive emotion

Often we can find ourselves basing our decisions on quick judgements of like or dislike.

Metta bhavana is a training in acknowledging our automatic reactions and also encouraging a deeper friendliness with everyone we meet. Developed to its highest degree, metta is the quality of unlimited kindness to all beings - a strength of heart that is boundless and free.


Meditation retreats

The Triratna Buddhist Community has retreat centres dedicated for women (Taraloka retreat centre) and men (Padmaloka retreat centre) which run all year round. 
There are many other retreat centres across the UK; to find out what's going on near you, check out GoingOnRetreat


Download guided meditations

If you'd like to download guided and unguided meditations, please go to Free Buddhist Audio.