Each week we meet on Tuesday evenings at Peace House. We also run introductory days on Buddhism and Meditation at intervals throughout the year and weekend retreats.  


What happens on Tuesday evenings?

At a glance...

6.00pm - Led Drop-in Meditation (at Peace House)

7.00pm - Sangha Night (at Peace House)

9.15pm - Finish and collective clear-up


In more detail...

Drop-in meditation 6.00-7.00pm

For meditators of any experience or none – come along for guided meditation from an experienced teacher, a chance to practise together with others and ask questions. 

Sangha Night 7.00-9.15pm

For people with some experience of mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana meditations who want to take it further. The evening consists of an unled meditation, tea break and a talk and/or discussion on an aspect of Buddhism, usually following a theme.


What happens at our retreats?

Retreats are a fantastic support to meditation and all other Buddhist practices: taking a break helps to revive our energy, gain perspective on our lives and connect with our inspirations. Below are the dates of our forthcoming retreats and an example programme of a retreat day.

Forthcoming Retreats
Check our Facebook group for more events.


Example programme of a retreat day 

Dharma Day 5th July 2015

10:00 Arrive

10:15 Welcome, Salutation of the Refuges, Refuges and Precepts (Indian style), Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation with Readings – Padmakumara

11:00 Leg-stretch

11:05 Metta Bhavana Meditation with Readings – Padmakumara

11:50 Tea Break into …

12:10 “Where are we headed?” Reflection exercise on Pilgrimage – Padmakumara

13:00 Lunch (please bring vegetarian contribution to a shared lunch)

14:15 Silent relaxation/walk period

14:40 The Dharma of Pilgrimage – talks from Padmakumara and Caroline on pilgrimage as a path of spiritual development (including slides).

15:30 Tea Break

15:50 Festive Sevenfold Puja – Indian style

17:00 Clear up and depart


Where can you go for other retreats?

The Triratna Buddhist Community have a number of dedicated retreat centres across the UK and worldwide. Please check our Meditation page to find a retreat to suit your needs.